Switching Primary Domain Name

Hello all.

We currently have about 10 domains setup on a MIB server and use a TLD for the access to the panel. (emailsite com for example)

We want to move this main server to mail.emailsite com – here are the questions.

  1. Can we do this without reinstalling the server?
  2. Will all of the email accounts need to configure their mail settings?
  3. Anything needed to update on the glue servers? (currently ns1.emailsite com ns2.emailsite com)
  4. Would it be better to start with a new server?
  1. Yes.
  2. No. However the DNS records will need to be changed to reflect the new MX record for each domain if the domain’s DNS is handled Externally.
  3. Yes. You will need to enter the Glue records as ns1.mail.emailsite.com rather than the current ns1.emailsite.com. (This assumes I understand what you did originally from your OP)
  4. No.

To do this you need to set the new Glue records, the run sudo mailinabox and answer the questions using the NEW hostname for the MiaB. That should basically be it. Well, other than issuing new SSL certs.