Suggestion: Adding Discourse "Solved plugin"

Continuing the discussion from How to mark a topic [SOLVED] in this forum [solved]:

There is an official solved plugin for this purpose maintained by Discourse.

This plugin adds the following benefits for the users:

  1. Ability to mark the topic as solved:
  2. Highlight the accepted answer in the first post of the topic:
  3. If the drop-down filter is enabled, users will be able to filter topics as solved/unsolved:

Only if it is not too much work to implement this plugin, I would suggest considering this suggestion positively.

I think this will be very useful for the forum, not just by letting an OP or maintainer mark the best solution for the resolved topic, but also, by adding the ability to search for solved/unsolved topics in the forum users searching for an answer can focus their results on solved ones, while users looking to help out, focus their search on unsolved topics, this in turn may help minimizing duplicate topics.