Subdomains and rejected mail

I’ve got MiaB set up and it’s awesome. As someone who has had to setup postfix, SPF, DKIM, etc… myself in the past I was so relieved and grateful to find MiaB and take back control of my email again.

I notice in the alias section that all the hostmaster, postmaster, administrator aliases forward to administrator_at_subdomain by default. However, if I send mail from any of my other email domains to one of these aliases the mail is rejected. If I send email from an account that is the mail servers top level domain it works, or if I change the administrator alias to be the top-level domain it works.

Is this expected behavior? My MX records for my domain and subdomain are set correctly according to the status page. If it is expected, then why are the defaults for the standard aliases set to the subdomain and not the top level domain to allow anyone to send to these aliases?

Thanks in advance for any insights anyone can give me.

p.s. Sorry if this is hard to follow. The forum won’t let me post anything that looks like a link as a new user.

Yes, everything is “collected” by administrator at subdomain, but then administrator at subdomain forwards to your primary email address (you!). You’re thinking A => C, whereas the system does A => B => C (or rather A => B and B => C). Now this doesn’t explain the rejection problem. I have to admit I never tried to actually send anything to any of them. I will try in the next few days.

The system forwards all those control mails to

You will then create manually, an aliases that directs => account u want.

Yes this has to be done manually, and it’s a one time process, the moment you decide to add the domain to miab.

If you don’t want to keep/read the emails, just go into roundcube of the and set a rule to delete it.

That makes sense that you have to add an alias to actually connect the special accounts to a real email account as you don’t know that until after MiaB is first configured.


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