Subdomains (again)

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apologize but I could not find a clear answer here.

I have a domain:
I let MIAB doing the DNS
Hence I have: and

Now I add another domain to my MIAB:
I set, in my domain provider, the GLUE records to and
I set, in my domain provider, A records for and to point to MIAB box
I set, in my domain provider, the DNS for the domain to and

All perfect and working.

Now, I want to add a SUBDOMAIN to

In my domain provider: do I have to create GLUE records? Do I have to create A records (e.g.

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No. And you did not have to create them for either.

A Glue record is only required when there is a DNS server that is authoritative for the domain being served hosted on that same domain.

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so this mean i just have to create the subdomain users in MIAB? Everything else is left unchanged?


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As long as MiaB is serving the DNS for the domain, correct.

Thanks so much, I will give it a try and let you now,



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