Subdomain taking over the domain

Hello everyone,

first of all, big props to Josh for making this.

I have the following setup - one server dedicated to mail-in-a-box and another server for a website (wordpress). I did the setup by the instructions, and it’s working perfectly (only thing I changed is that the mail-in-a-box server is named
Reverse DNS is setup with the ISP, I’ve obtain an SSL certificate, everything working fine.
The only problem I have is that is now pointing to the IP address of the mail-in-a-box server, while works as it should.
Can I install Webmin on the mail-in-a-box machine to make changes in BIND, so and point to the correct IP address and nameservers or can I manually change BIND configuration inside of the mail-in-a-box machine?

Thanks in advance.

You are thinking too hard. :slight_smile: There is a section in the control panel (/admin page) called Custom DNS where you can override DNS records.

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Oh… :smiley: Thanks!

Hi Josh, sorry for bothering you again.

I’ve added two A records in the Custom DNS option: A ip_of_the_server A ip_of_the_server

Now, when I try to access, or, I get a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

Status check for says:

Nameservers are set correctly at registrar. [;]

which is correct, but I’ve also set-up and as nameservers at GoDaddy for the specific domain, so it has total of 4: ns1, ns2, ns1.mail and ns2.mail.

Is it a propagation issue or something else?

Thanks in advance.

Check out what is saying about your a Record :wink:

Hi aspdye,

mxtoolbox search for a: is pointing me to the correct IP address, meaning, the web server :smile:
But, when I try to access, the browser redirects to, and throws the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

Try this: A IP CNAME

The Other Thing: wait some Hours (days) until DNS Updates are sucessfully :slight_smile:

Will do, thanks a lot :smile:

You’re welcome :wink: Please give me some Feedback Wether it runs (After You have ist :D)

Yeah, no, tough luck :smile: now redirects to which throws a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

Can I bother you with a personal message, or something, to give you the actual settings?


Yes. Just send me an pm and i will look on it :wink:


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