Subdomain and Main Domain


I have just setup mail in a box (which is great) and I am stuck. I currently have my mailbox as I would also just like to setup an email account as As the mailbox is sitting on a subdomain, how would I be able to create email addresses under my main domain name?

Go to Users in the Admin panel and add exactly the email address you want and enter a password. That’s all there is to it. Be sure your DNS is pointing to:

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Thanks this is helpful and it worked :slight_smile:

One question, I want my DNS on my main domain to be pointing to a different vps server that i run for a different purpose. What do I do in this instance? Because if I point my DNS to my mail servers then how would I also get it to point to my vps server?

I believe what you’re asking for is to setup an “A record” in Custom DNS.

  1. On your Admin panel, go to System -> Custom DNS.
  2. Leave the subdomain blank (if I understand correctly, you want something like to be accessible from a different IP).
  3. For Type, select “A (IPv4 address)”
  4. For Value, enter the IP address for your / other VPS

Now, once DNS propagates, you should have mail going to your MIAB but your web traffic going to the other VPS.

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