Strange Dovecot IMAP message


I just upgraded from V0.29 to V0.41, without any serieus problems. Only one user (just lucky it’s me), has strange messages; maybe this was also on the old box, but I can’t verify any more.

The message below happens quite a lot, but only for me.

I’m using the standard mail client from Apple on Imap, all latest releases.

Mar 12 19:42:38 imap( Info: Connection closed: read(size=7997) failed: Connection reset by peer (UID FETCH running for 0.274 + waiting input/output for 113.638 secs, 0.001 in locks, 112 B in + 26696670+8192 B out, state=wait-output) in=195 out=26697663

Can someone give me a clue what’s happening here?


It appears that the gmail app(phone) is causing this on my end as well.
When I pull down to reload the email list, on my box while on sudo tail -f /var/log/mail.log… it spams a block set of these messages.
Must be some new additional parameters on .40/.41 as far as logging goes.

erm… business as usual.