I’m a complete newbee, I have read the documentation and discussions in this forum but not yet setup my own MIAB instance.

Does anyone have experience using the STORAGE_ROOT environment variable? Since a VM typically comes with a fixed storage space, I’m a bit worried about what to do if storage is exceeded. If, as an example, if I choose Linode VM, can I point the STORAGE_ROOT to Linode’s block or object storage?

As a last question, does STORAGE_ROOT survive system updates?

Thanks a lot for your help!

There are a few options and others will hopefully chime in, but another way is to mount the block storage at /home/user-data/.

After helping several people over the past weeks with issues I highly recommend that the additional storage be mounted as /home/user-data/. Your life will be much simpler in the future.

@openletter and @alento Thanks so much for your answers. I have never mounted block storage, so forgive my beginner’s follow-up questions:

  • Do I still need to use the STORAGE_ROOT environment variable?
  • When choosing Linode as my provider, can I just follow their instructions on how to use block storage How to Use Block Storage with Your Linode | Linode ? Or are there additional steps I need to be aware of?

Thanks again for your assistance!

  1. If you mount the block storage at /home/user-data/, no.
  2. Basically. If you are adding block storage to an existing MiaB instance, there are several additional steps you must take. If this is an initial install, though I did not review their guidance in detail, it looks like it covers everything.

Great, thanks so much for all your help. I’ll give it a try and will hopefully be able to report back.

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