Stop Writing to local.conf?

I’ve just setup MAIB on a machine that already had nginx serving a few virtual domains, and it mostly worked. In fact, I’m blown away by what MAIB has given me - too many benefits to mention here, but I’m very grateful!

However, one (very) small issue is that it broke one of my domains by adding stuff to local.conf. Indeed, it appears that whenever I add a user or alias or whatever, MAIB adds new stuff to local.conf, which breaks my setup.

It’s not a huge issue since I keep a master copy of local.conf and after doing stuff in MAIB, I simply put my master back in place and restart nginx. However, is there a way to stop MAIB writing stuff to local.conf?

Is it simply a matter of removing

Also, I’ve just discovered that the 3am broke my local.conf, too. Eek! I think the culprit is the line:

management/ -q | management/ "TLS Certificate Provisioning Result"

…so I’ve commented that out. Will that work?

As the website says in several places, the project is not meant to be installed on a server that is used for other purposes. This isn’t a setup that our community supports.

Everything in Mail-in-a-Box is there for a reason. If you remove random parts of Mail-in-a-Box, you are going to lose functionality that makes Mail-in-a-Box operate correctly. If there was something in Mail-in-a-Box that could be removed and everything still work, it wouldn’t be in Mail-in-a-Box in the first place!

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Hi Joshua - great product - thanks for creating it!

I’m aware it says that - but aside from breaking my local.conf, it works beautifully on my server that was already delivering several websites! For my twopenneth, it’d be a really nice addition to the software if such behaviour was configurable.

Thank you.

But to be sure, I’m not looking to make additions to the software. I just want it to work and not take up too much of my time maintaining it! :slight_smile:


That appears to have worked. Cool!

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