Stop locking down nextcloud

This is ridiculous. All I want is to be able to edit documents in the cloud to make the cloud functions actually usable for something. Every time it updates it disabled it and I have to unlock it and enable it again. I’m sure this is a function a majority of people want. Either enable this by default, let us make it so this doesn’t get disabled by default, or don’t lock down nextcloud. Any one of these three would be great.

Sorry Ozfer, but a majority of people doesn’t pay my bills or those of the other maintainers. This project is to create a good mail server. With more resources, maybe we would do more. If you want other functionality, you’ll have to find another way to do it, unfortunately.

If you just want a good mail server rip nextcloud out. Having gimped cloud apps doesn’t help. How much do we need to pay to get this? I am sure most people would throw $10 towards it if we could get the cloud ungimped. I would volunteer my time to make a document editor work if everyone would get it.

@Ozfer Hey man, I know it is frustrating, however we can be a little nicer here. @JoshData has kindly made these scripts the way he wants them.

That being said - You can stop NextCloud from auto disabling the apps by installing the app from the NextCloud App Repository with the admin account. I have multiple NextCloud apps and they have been installed since 0.20 - updating has never disabled them for me.

If ‘contacts’ , ‘calendar’ & ‘sync’ are not your main needs, perhaps you may wish to consider to build a KVM web server where to host and run a full featured ‘Nexcloud 13’ version but by just ignoring the build in one in MiaB as there is no option to skip its installation ( at least not yet :confused: ) . The - Storage Instance with 500Gb ( 7 USD/ mo) is a good offer from where to start with.

BTW, building your web server with is a breath … :

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If you want just NextCloud:

Includes a download to an updated nextcloud appliance for you. pre-installed, pre-configured, etc. But just straight NC, nothing else.