Still getting DNS issues after setup


  • running behind NAT & HW firewall
  • have opened ports suggested & added DNAT rules for ports also

My status check still says my glue records are Not Set (they are) and that my domain is not resolving either. I assume all the other errors below that are related to these two key DNS issues. I’ve confirmed that my glue records are set by checking them on verisign &, but still no luck.
It looks similar to this issue: DNS / Nameserver / GANDI / glue records Issues - but I haven’t configured DNSSEC yet.

Any suggestions?

Some dumb silly question, sry for that, but have you allow port 53 tcp and udp in your hw firewall?

Yes, I added 53 tcp and udp permissions in both directions, and also added a DNAT rule for port 53 to the box.


sudo service nsd start

Does this resolve the problem?