Step by step advice needed

Hello, everyone.
I have the following issue:
I own two domains:
a) - poninting to my public IP - and on one machine I run MIAB without almost any problem (the only one is the reverse PTR - which my spanish ISP did not sort it out).
b) - pointing out to a VPS that I accuired in february.

So, what I want is: install and run MIAB on my vps with the domain a) ( and the second domain I want to point it at my public IP and so, on one of my machines running linux 22 install some servers that would be accessible from the wan.

Please, can anyone help me and point me in the right direccion on which steps shoul I follow in order to achieve my goal? What should I do first? Change the a) domain to point out at my vps and the install miab on it, and third step point my second domain to my public IP and then start the tryouts on my machine?
Thanks in advance for the help. I am not doing anything untill I get it all clear (for the moment my miab instance is running just fine from my home).

I am sorry but it is not entirely clear what you want to do here. Please be specific.

Which services are running on domain A and which services are running on domain B now, and what is your end goal?

Regarding your end goal, where will the services be running? Will you have a single MiaB hosting email for both domains? Will you have a web site for each domain running somewhere other than on your MiaB server? Are there other services on the domain(s)?

I can absolutely state with certainty that unless you sort this issue out (or set up a SMTP relay) you will not be hosting your MiaB server at your spanish isp.

This needs to be fixed as rDNS is an absolute must. Alternatively, you will need a paid SMTP service. Free ones give you what you pay for.

Hi, there, Alento. Thanks for answering.
In my mind it was all so clear…… hahahhah

I want:
1: to install miab on my vps, point my domain A to the vps ip (at this moment domain A points to my public ip, miab runs from a machine in my lan) ant then “migrate” or just copy from my machine to the vps all the mail accounts I already have set in my miab (hopefully I would like not to lose any of them, or any email received).
2. I want to point domain B to my public ip, so I could run my moodle server, my wordpress and my nextcloud instance.

I hope I was clearer this time. Please, ask me what other info could I provide in order to receive guidance.
And thanks for your interest.

Good morning, everyone.
I just installed miab on my vps. Finally got it working almost perfectly.
I say almost because I just requested my vps provider to set up the reverse dns, so untill they reply this feature is the only error I get.
But… and here is the problem: I cannot acces https://my-vps-ip/mail. Nor can I access “” - in both cases I get a blank screen, white page or whatever you want to call it.
Nevertheless I can acces: and also https://my-vps-ip/admin.
Any help in solving this situation, please?

This is by design. You need to access /mail on the sibdomain that your MiaB is installed on, i.e. I am not sure why you are having difficulty with the IP address though.

Care to share the box hostname and IP address in PM? So I can take a look at how it loads for me.

Also, I have no idea how I missed your other reply. :frowning: