Status page warning messages and procedure

Hi !

First of all i’d like to thank you for writing Mail in a Box :slight_smile: It’s a supreme piece of software and i’d love to buy u a beer [paypal tip button on website ?].

I think that the warning messages on status page should be tweaked when software detects hosting on a different DNS provider. Some folks using it might work for somebody and they have management over them and those guys often don’t like red color.

While i partially understand the “in a box” part i don’t fully appreciate the DNS part of deployment. It’s unwise to host your own DNS with big DNS providers on the market. Kudos for the External DNS page with settings.

I have a MiB setup that’s 100% correct and working but MIB still shows warnings / errors.

I think that messages on status page should detect what DNS mode are we running and display “The nameservers set on this domain are incorrect.” as warnings not errors.

It would be cool to have a tick / mode button somewhere with “operation modes”:

  • External / Internal DNS
  • External / Internal WEB Hosting

Those can affect the checks and perform various Settings Validation scenarios.

I think this is being tracked on

Feel free to add discussion there.

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