Status checks fail indicate firewall problem

Same conditions, but however I don’t host a VPS at TransIP. Everything seems to work fine and is accessible by the public. All was working before.

So, is there a question here? Or did you simply want to necro a 5 year old topic?

As you can see one of the moderators moved your comment to a new thread @lisbonjoker but that doesn’t do you much good if you do not have a question or can provide some background information.

I replied to that thread because no help was published there and it was the only one with the closet problem. I turned UFW on and off, the IP is public and all is working just getting those errors now out of no where.

Is the public IP address assigned directly to your MiaB server?

Is there only one interface on the MiaB server?

Is there anything else installed to the server? MiaB is intended to run exclusively on a server.

Yes the public IP is assigned, yes it’s a exclusive server of mine and the only thing in it is MIaB.

Interesting it says HTTP not accessible but presumbly that isn’t true because you can get to the admin pages…

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