Status check ""false"" errors clean up

Hello there!

I have miab set up without the dns service as I use my domain name(s) provider to point the mx, mta-sts, autoconfig and autodiscover subdomains to my miab instance while other subdomails like @ or www are pointed to another server (due to php&mysql requirements mainly).

I’ve been living with status_check script complining about ns1, ns2, @ and www domains not pointing properly to my miab IP, but I would like to get rid of those. I call these ““false”” erros [insert “quote-quote” gif here] as miab is expecting these domains to point to its IP but they are pointing to a different one on purpose. I just would like to get rid of the red error messages that I always ““have to”” re-read to ensure they are not other [new] real errors.

The (simple) approach I’m thinking about is to have a ““whitelist”” config file with the domains I want the script to skip, and avoid the checks on the py script if the domain is found there… but I have 2 questions:

  • Is this already supported somehow?
  • If not, where should such a whitelist file live? (if it works ok for me, I’d like to make a push request with the change, therefore my interest on doing it properly).

Thx in advance.

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