Static WebSites after upgrade

Hi, I successfully upgraded to latest MIAB together with a server/hoster change.
Nice trip.

Last bit I can not get working:

  1. my box has 6 domains (i.e A, B, C, D …) bound
  2. in the DNS I have A and AAAA entries to “local” for my.B and you.B
  3. in /home/user-data/www - I have three subdirs: default. my.B and you.B
  4. But in https://box.A.xx/admin#web I do not see my.B and you.B
  5. I have no errors in status page

I am wondering why the to subdomains pointing to local are not listed under the “Web” tab.

Can please someone point me to the right direction?

Have you got an email account for my.B and you.B (eg. placeholder@my.B and placeholder@you.B)?

The existence of an email user is what triggers MIAB to setup secondary domains. I don’t think there’s any need to manually create A and AAAA entries, just create an email account in each subdomain.

(Good to see someone using IPv6 straight up :slight_smile: )

Thank you so much! That did the trick! Now everything is migrated and works :heartbeat:

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