Static site with /mail directory ends up showing roundcube?

I’ve got mailinabox setup and working perfectly, when moving one of my other domains to it it seemed to work perfectly. However people started complaining that content from my static site wasn’t showing. After some digging I found out why.

The site has a directory named /mail in the directory structure and that and everything below it isn’t working and shows a 404. The /mail shows the round cube login.

I thought this was only for the domain you set the box up with, is /mail off-limits for all hosted domains?

What is a workaround without having to rename everything?

Allright, found a temporary solution by competing out the roudcube webmail configuration for this specific site. I’ve edited /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf and commented the following section:

# Roundcube Webmail configuration. rewrite ^/mail$ /mail/ redirect; rewrite ^/mail/$ /mail/index.php; location /mail/ { index index.php; alias /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail/; }

Restarted nginx and the site is now working as intended.

Was this by design to have roundcube available in all domains?

Yes. Every domain you host can use webmail at their own /mail directory.

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