SSL www record confusion

I used the Qualys ssl server test after I installed my ssl to test the ssl setup. I get this error from them saying that “Prefix handling Not valid for “” CONFUSING” Is this caused with my certificate. I’m using domain certificate and I only have one domain on it which is Should I have gotten a wildcard or reissue and add to the certificate? Or is this issue with nginx and dns? I added this dns A record curl -d "" --user******** which resulted in A Same result though. Should of I change the in the A record? Any help would be great!

I updated this command to resolve the loop back address.
curl -d "value="IP_ADDRESS" --user********
This only fix the dns record and even after some time for it to resolve, the test still saids its confused. When i put in, I now get "The certificate is only valid for"
I’m starting to believe that the issue is with my cert. Any advice?

After update to A record with correct IP address and a reissue of cert. It actually works correctly and the Qualys ssl server test verifies this as well.