SSL 'Provision' button throws error when no real error exists

Ok, I am not reporting an error in the actual Provision function except that it generates a false error.

  • I have a fresh new KVM type VPS with a fully updated and upgraded Ubuntu 18.04
  • I have both my server and my name registrar in the same place to make life easier
  • I had a smooth installation of MaiB and I have all things in the System Checklist with green check marks except the TLS cert notification (yes even DNSSEC was already done)
  • I go to the TLS page and hit the “Provision” button and in about 10 seconds I get the “Something went wrong” error.
  • I tried to go back and reload the System Checklist and it also generates the something went wrong error
  • I logout of the Administrator section then immediately log into it again only to find there are no errors and all system checks are green

So, I am not sure why it happened, but I wanted to report it here in case there is something that might need attention in the user interface part of the admin account.

This is just a report of the event. Please do with it what you think is necessary.

BKM :sunglasses:

Hmm, we might want to move this discussion to GitHub.

I too have encountered this. I thought it may have just been some odd one-off fluke.

After logging out, and logging back in all was good. It seems almost as though the LE certificate being installed didn’t do something causing a reload to be needed. But it was more than a reload of the page, you seemingly had to log out and back in.

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