SSL Issues with Kemp Load Balancer

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone had an idea here.

So i’ve changed my home setup a bit and starting a new install of MiaB, however this time I have a Kemp Load Balancer deployed on my LAN. I’m not using the load-balancing part, just its L7 content-based filtering to access various things across port 443.

In this instance, the Kemp appliance has its own SSL cert from CloudFlare installed on it, however when I go to load the admin panel, I get an error saying “SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER”. When I look at the certificate that it is referencing, its referencing the CloudFlare Origin certificate.

With regards to MiaB, all of the control panel (when accessed via its LAN IP) shows that there are no issus with DNS etc. (DNS is being hosted by CloudFlare). The LetsEncrypt TLS certs are still able to be provisioned with no issues

I do get that this is completeley non-standard, however I was wondering if anyone had done anything like this and if they had any ideas on what I could do to resolve this. I am almost confident that the issue is to do with MiaB wanting to use Port 443 which is being controled via the Kemp appliance.