SSL Certificate signed & valid not working in browser

First, great project! I’ve never thought I could one day setup an email server tought I’m having a little issue with SSL.

I created two free certificates on Let’s Encrypt, one for and other for
Defined both certificates via /home/user-data/ssl/ and /home/user-data/ssl/ for the box.
After that I ran tools/dns_update and restarted the server.
Finishing that, I opened both domains and was recognized as having a valid SSL, but don’t.
I’ve opened the MIAB admin panel and checked both domains’ statuses; Both indicated in green SSL certificate is signed & valid. The certificate expires in 89 days on 03/07/16, tought has lost its reversal DNS configuration. Did I lose any step?

Thanks for patience :slight_smile: Hope someone can help me

Have you run ssl-labs or some other SSL diagnostic tool against them?

Browsers have a nasty habit of caching stuff and then confusing themselves.

Just made the ssl-labs test and it is saying that my certificate is self-signed yet

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