SSL certificat on fresh install?

Question about the SSL certificat. This is a fresh install, and during install, it tels me that the LE certificat’s has been installed :

web updated

Mail-in-a-Box uses Let's Encrypt to provision free SSL/TLS certificates
to enable HTTPS connections to your box. We're automatically
agreeing you to their subscriber agreement. See

Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log
Registering without email!

 - Your account credentials have been saved in your Certbot
   configuration directory at /home/user-data/ssl/lets_encrypt. You
   should make a secure backup of this folder now. This configuration
   directory will also contain certificates and private keys obtained
   by Certbot so making regular backups of this folder is ideal.


Your Mail-in-a-Box is running.

However, in the admin page, I get error for the and warning for the and telling me the certificat is self signed.
How do I solve that issue ?


The TLS (SSL) certificate for this domain is currently self-signed. You will get a security warning when you check or send email and when visiting this domain in a web browser (for webmail or static site hosting).

Thank you !

OK found it, you need to go the the TSL certificate from the admin page, generate the certificate, and refresh :slight_smile:
I though it was done with the install script.

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Yeah, something seems off.

If DNS was just recently setup with a registrar, Let’s Encrypt might not be able to resolve “” until after 24-48 hours in some cases.

In this case, where LE claims the certificate was installed, it might be worth a reboot of the server to restart all services that use the certificate (there might have been a failed restart or lack there of preventing the new certificate from being used.)

Indeed, I did not wait 24-48 hr after DNS change…
only 5-15 min… so It may that…

Are we good now? It’s been about a day or so?

yes, it looks good, no more SSL error on the admin page :slight_smile:

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