SSH server problem

I have installed mail in a box works perfect!!
Thank you very much for your big job.
In System Status Checks all is green only one is red and is that voice:
:heavy_multiplication_x: The SSH server on this machine permits password-based login. A more secure way to log in is using a public key. Add your SSH public key to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys, check that you can log in without a password, set the option ‘PasswordAuthentication no’ in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, and then restart the openssh via ‘sudo service ssh restart’.”

I have undertood that I have to insert the public key I have generated into “HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys”
Can I do using vim editor?
Can I do from another computer accessing my cloud server trough terminal?
Can you give me the command to use for editing that file?

Thanks in advance

Yes, and yes.

With vi? No way … I use a much simpler and intuitive editor, nano.

You said that you generated the SSH keypair on your local system. Is you local system Windows or *nix based? If it is *nix based you simply use the ssh-copy-id command from the terminal.

Grazie a tutti per la collaborazione

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