SSD vs. SAS storage

Hi there!

I’d like to ask your advice which hardware to choose. For the same price I’d get 40GB SSD or 320GB SAS storage. Do you think that SAS storage would be enough (concerning the speed) or should I decide on SSD?

I mean for mails 40GB would be fine and I wouldn’t ask, but if I believe that 320GB is a nice thing that I could use for such things like MIAB’s backup and saving other important files/documents via Nextcloud.

So, what do you think?

If you are going to use nextcloud the more space the better.

SSD’s are fast but your email client honestly wouldn’t even see a difference in speed.

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You could use a magnetic SSD cached storage, storage instance, too (as already told in this post ).

Thanks for your replies!

I don’t need a cloud storage that I would like to pay for (I already have a self hosted nextcloud server with enough storage). I’m just asking if I could kill two birds with one stone and if the SSD speed is not really needed for my MIAB setup, so I’d take the SAS storage and use it for a backup of my critical data backups.

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