SRV records on mail in a box

hello I run a Minecraft server and I’m trying to set up a SRV record pointing to my Minecraft server but it seems to be not working I need to give it a service name and I was able to do that on cloudflare but I don’t know how to on the custom DNS for mail in a box

I have not previously configured an SRV record on MiaB, but I have configured external DNS servers using the recommended records on the MiaB dashboard External DNS page.

On the MiaB dashboard External DNS page, you can see something like:	SRV	0 0 443

The _tcp. part of the record is the protocol and it is being used for _carddavs.. So in the MiaB dashboard Custom DNS page you can see the subdomain field is where you would put _carddavs._tcp if this were something being added for the DNS server to serve.

You should be able to create something similar for your Minecraft server, though I’m not sure exactly what that would look like, but you would put that in the subdomain field and fill the Value field with the appropriate information, likely in the same format as MiaB has provided in its recommended External DNS example above.