Spamhaus incorrect work

Hi! When checking the system status, I receive the following message: This domain is listed in the Spamhaus Domain Block List (code, which may prevent recipients from receiving your mail. See and The same situation happens with my IP. But there are no problems when checking the status by the link. Because of this, I can’t send and receive mail. After the reboot spamassassin, spampd & postfix sending, but not receiving work again.

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Please share your domain and IP via PM. I’d like to check with other tools.

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Something I can’t find how to write PM :slightly_smiling_face: Now I have solved the issue by editing the postfix settings and installing the mail gateway

Click on the username then Message in the pop up box. :slight_smile:

I am not quite sure I follow how you have solved this, but congrats!

I found this: “Need to have a direct personal conversation with someone, outside the normal conversational flow? Message them by selecting their avatar and using the message button”. But I don’t have this button :slight_smile: Apparently, my account doesn’t allow it yet :slight_smile:

Maybe you write to me in PM?

Done. (Insert random text here to make discourse happy)

I wrote to you PM, but you don 't answer :frowning:

Apologies for that … let me check.

I have been away for a couple of days.

Found it … for some reason it was not showing as a PM in my notifications. :frowning:

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