Spamhaus blocking SMTP

Spamhaus SBL is blocking my smtp IPv6 address and attempts at removing the block are futile. Is it true that were I to obtain a dedicated IP address for MIAB that Spamhaus is lilely to stop blocking SMTP?

Also I read somewhere that use of IPv6 with MIAB is discouraged. Wouldn’t disabling IPv6 on my mail server cause problems talking to other servers and services inside and possibly also outside the data center, i.e. monitoring?

Thank you in advance!

If the dedicated IP address is clean, you should be fine. The trouble is that you wouldn’t know if the address is clean until after you receive it, following the purchase/allocation.

I am not sure if this follows best practice, and it certainly does not seem so, but you could setup a secondary network configuration for IPv6. Communications which use IPv6 should identify the correct interface and use it to send internal traffic.

This would involve making changes to the MiaB environment, which was intended to be a “black box”.