SpamAssassin Score -Modification

Can anyone give me some advice on changing the SpamAssassin score, on a a standard MIB deployment.

Hi @Chip

It looks like not many around here are familiar with SpamAssassin. I think that you will have to find resources for SA to answer your questions and then make the modifications to the SA configuration files. Keep in mind that these will be unsupported modifications and there won’t likely be anyone able to help you troubleshoot any problems that may be introduced.

@alento , Yes I have been reviewing SA documentation and have found two potential methods for achieving my end goal of specific emails not going to the Spam account but have had trouble executing them with the MIB deployment.

Method 1 - train SA to recognize --ham messages once they have been moved to the inbox.
sudo sa -learn --ham /home/user-data/www/default
This runs and analyzes 1 messages but does not seem to target all mailboxes for some reason.

Method 2- modify the SA spam score from the default 5.00 to a more reasonable 8-9.0
You are supposed to be able to adjust score using something along the lines of ……required_score 9.00 slightly older SA version would be Required_hits 9.00 – but cannot get the actual script correct.

I will go back to the SA forum and see if I can get any additional support there. I was just hoping someone else on the MIB forum may have worked on something similar.

I was able to use the sa-learn --ham to inspect and learn tokens from the emails in the system.

sudo sa-learn --ham /home/user-data/mail

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