Spamassassin and sa-learn?

I just installed MIAB on a fresh DO instance using Ubuntu 14.04. I’m curious as to if sa-learn under Spamasssassin is working under Roundcube at this time? Also if I move a message to the Spam folder using Thunderbird will sa-learm recognize that move? Please advise.

I am able to say yes. My setup is slightly different. I use AquaMail on my Android devices and Rainloop on my webserver and it eventually learns.

I think you should be fine if my setup works.

I think it’s working too. Thanks!

I run sa-learn manually with the -ham arg everyday when I know that no SPAM remains that SA missed (not often).

sa-learn --showdots --ham /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/mymail.tld/user_home_dir/cur/

I only have 1 persistent SPAMMER: Seattle Times but automatically gets put into the Junk folder then I run the perl script to report the SPAMMER to the razor.

perl /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/mymail.tld/user_home_dir/.Spam/cur/