Spam filtering disables local SMTP client

Hello all! I’ve been happily using my mailinabox server quite a long time, but I feel this question is relevant for setup in general as it’s not an ongoing maintenance issue.

My external IP for my network assigned by my ISP has been (likely correctly) identified by spamhaus as an IP that has in the past done a spam, and so it’s blocked.

Because I would like to use a local SMTP client rather than the web client, this poses a problem where outgoing mail is checked against a spam filter on the mail server.

While I could solve this problem for myself personally by establishing an SSH tunnel to the server and connecting that way, it wouldn’t work for my family members who are not tech savvy or who are using mobile devices with limited network customization capabilities.

So my question is: how can I configure my mailinabox such that my family members and I can send mail using SMTP?

I am not too worried about spam being sent via my accounts because I closely control all the accounts and monitor the usage reports and so would spot any sharp uptick in sent mail, and can reset the account’s password.

Looks like this guide will do what you need:

You can whitelist just your source IP ( OK), or your whole subnet ( OK), or even a whole network segment by only using 3 out of 4 octects (1.2.3 OK) in your hashmap.

Note that if you modify postfix’s file, you’ll need to save a copy of your file and replace it after every upgrade, since it will get overwritten by the MiaB upgrade process.

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