Sort of relay but other way

For some reason my MiaB is refusing the connection from my database server when it tries to send email through it (something that has worked for a very long time perfectly). Just started a few days ago; I can’t figure out why.

So it is an emergency. Trying to allow the database server to send email out of my second MiaB (that does not have the customer’s domain on it that DB is for). What is the best strategy?

My “hurry up make something work now” solution is assuredly not the smartest. I just created the two outbound users on the second machine. Works great for truly outbound email. But is failing when the BCC includes an email address that is within the customer’s domain.

Any suggestions?

Is your MiaB server and DB server on the same internal network?

if so, just add your DB server to the postfix config.




mynetworks = [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128

modify it to:

mynetworks = [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128

It’s important to do this with your private IP scheme in the beginning and leaving the line in tact.

I used as your example internal IP range, but you can add multiple ranges/subnets. Authentication wont be required for anything inside your network.

then restart postfix

service postfix restart

It’s also a good idea to "test sending a normal mail and receiving one, if you mess up postfix its possible to not get any mail and have it all be rejected.

Might also be a good idea to copy the file as a backup to put back in case you really mess it up…

Did this; thank you for the advice.
Unfortunately no change in behavior. Rebooted in fact, just to make sure. Email server still refusing the connection.
Able to pass the email through my second email server in the mean time. Unless anyone has additional suggestions, I can keep doing the work around until I return home from this trip (when I am going to upgrade the email server itself).

Did you turn off authentication and send it over port 25?

the database either tries with 465 on its own or 587 if I indicate that is what I want. Nice try though.

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