Sorry, total MIAB newbie - How do I add a web page as home page?

when someone goes to the domain name it shows this default page.

this is a mail-in-a-box

take control of your email at

How do I -

  1. Edit this page?
  2. Add a home page some other way?

I’m on a droplet at Digital Oceon and the web page I want to add is a simple one page lander, basically anything other than whats there now :slight_smile:

DO and droplets confuse me as well, I’ve been building websites (cpanel) for 20 years but DO does my head in, perhaps I’m getting old :expressionless:

Thanks in advance.

P.S. This may be a stupid question however search either here or google do not show any answers being that MIAB has so much content online I cant target a search term that will get this answer.

You mean when someone goes to the hostname of the mail server you get that page. Normally people would be looking for your home page at www.domain.tld not at your mail server at mail.domain.tld or in the case of MiaB at box.domain.tld.

That said, the page is there for those few who would wander aimlessly to a mail server hostname rather than to a website. It is the default webpage for the hostname of the box.

There is not any published information on how to edit it as few people want a website on their mail hostname. It is however possible to edit, as the file is located at /home/user-data/www/default/index.html

To add a webpage at the root domain domain.tld, the files would be uploaded to the /home/user-data/www/domain.tld once you have followed the instructions in the admin area ‘Web’ tab explaining how to add websites for the domains served by the box.

Using a SSH client, just as you did when you set up the box. But, if you have no working knowledge of the command line, it will be difficult.

As so many email providers block anything that even looks somewhat suspicious of being spam, MiaB requires all mail sent through the box to be authenticated to a user of the box. This is to insure that our mail sent from the box is not sent to spam for being from an unauthenticated sender.

I am not familiar with what you are using to send mail with, but can explain that the from address must either be a user on the account or an alias that the user used for authentication is allowed to send for.

Someone else setup the box for me and I cant get hold of him, so no, I don’t know how to do SSH.

What is an alias? is that still an email address that contains the box host domain name.?

But I will try some of the other suggestions that you made in your first reply, but can I ask a q about it please?

Where do I find /home/user-data/www/default/index.html given I am on digital oceon droplet?

I understand for spam reasons that the from email address has to be the box email. But given that you can send an email from say Outlook with -
Bob Smith <mail@domain . tld>

That there would be a way to do that via my software and MIAB so the email authenticates but the receivers email program shows the “from” as “Bob Smith”.

Or is this a case of the software not having that function and nothing to do with Miab?


I managed to find this about my mail software -

Can I add my name to my sends so that email clients will display 'My Name <>' ?

Yes you can. When you send an email campaign or create a new autoresponder you can set up your name so that your emails will display as 'My Name <>'
This is done by setting the ‘Send To First Name’ and ’ Send To Last Name’

So will try that and if no luck come back and try these other things mentioned

Gotcha! Completely understandable … we all have our things that we understand or are good at … it is life. Maybe this will shed some light, but don’t be surprised if it even seems like Greek …

The definition of an alias would be an email address that is delivered to some user whose actual email address is something else. Allow me to give you an example… and I am going to ELI5 so please take no offense. :slight_smile:

Let’s say that you run a small business and you have your email account But you want to show a more professional appearance when someone contacts you to ask for information, you may put the email address on your website as Well, now you have TWO email addresses to check … kind of annoying - but wait, you can create as an ALIAS of So people can email for information at the email but the mail will actually come directly to you. This is a simplistic version of what an alias is … but what about when you want to reply to that email … you don’t want the reply to be from, you want it to be from Easy peasy - your email client (Thunderbird, Roundcube, etc.) allows for ‘identities’. So you create an identity to send as info@mybusiness . Neat! But now, what says that you couldn’t pretend to be and send mail in his name? Well, that is the requirement of the user to be an allowed sender of the ‘alias’. And the way that email works, you have to own (or otherwise have control of the domain) to be able to LEGITIMATELY send emails that will not be blocked by various anti spam, anti spoofing mechanisms.

So hopefully that connects the dots in your question!

A note about your additional information: Just keep in mind that the display name can be anything that you create in your ‘identity’ but the actual email address MUST be an existing user or alias from your MiaB. So based on your additional comment, you can send the mailings as being from
OldHatBH <>.

Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to explain all that. I REALLY appreciate it.
So lets see if I understand what you have said.
I got all that until the "" example. I’m not sure if you’re saying that it can be done or cant be done. I think you’re saying it can be done as long as I own the domain ( however I don’t see how my ownership of could be checked as part of the authentication process.

So to make it easier for you to reply this is what I would want to do.

  1. use as the authnticated email to access my box.
  2. I connect to miab that is installed on from with the box email -
  3. I have an alias that is and is an authenticated user on
  4. I then connect to miab on with
  5. The from address in the recipient email account then shows even though it was sent via miab

What I am a bit lost on is these different references in your example -
Allowed sender
Authenticated user

And it seems that some of these are setup in miab admin? yes?
And some of these are setup in Roundcube etc, where as Interspire Email Marketer (that I’m using) doesn’t have that feature that I know of to add an “identity”, or perhaps they just call it something else.

I avoided the mechanics to keep the previous explanation simple … let me dive in to that a bit on the surface only - I don’t want to get too technical. There is a DNS record that says that ‘mail from my domain can come from my mail server and x other origination point’. Every single postmaster (email administrator for a domain) can decide on a case by case basis to send mail that doesn’t match the permitted originator to spam, to the inbox, or reject it completely. In my example as YOU do not control the domain “” then you cannot provide that record that will insure that your mail is accepted. And no, THAT ownership is not checked as a part of the authentication process. It is checked at the delivery end. However, the authentication process makes ‘spoofing’ (which is the proper term) much more difficult.

So, my example was a bad one because I was telling you that what you were wanting to do (unknown at the time) was not possible, but is actually what you want to do — in a legitimate fashion. AND YES, what you want to do can be accomplished as long as you own (or at least control DNS for) both domains.

Allowed Sender - a email user which is allowed to send email pretending to be from another user or alias.
Authenticated user - the email user which actually sends the mail - this user is authenticated because the user and password much match and be permitted to send from a particular mail server.
Alias - a (fictitious) name (email address) for a user which mail can be sent to but which will actually be delivered to the user
and you missed one -
Identity - the profile information of an email user used to identify who the mail is coming from.

Yes, all 3 of the A’s.

and this would be where the identity is set up … in IEM, this is what you were talking about here …

Now on to the million dollar question:

I am at the end of my day, so not as sharp as I could be … so I’d rather not give a detailed step by step set of instructions here and now … but if you are interested you may PM me (click my username) with the ACTUAL hostname of your MiaB, and the description of what you want to do using the real information laid out like you did above, and I can give you a step by step set of instructions when I am fresh tomorrow. :slight_smile: Those instructions will include how you have to set up the users on MiaB and also the changes to DNS entries.

Awesome Alento, thank you so much, I’ll send that to you overnight.

You rock :slight_smile: