Sometime e-mail come 3h30 later to the mailbox


I had multiple case of having an e-mail few hours after it was sent by the sender to me.
It is not my client because it is configured to refresh like the other account on my thunderbird and it works fine for all of them.

Do you have any suggestion of how can I debug this problem ?


It’s probably something on the other end. It may not be interacting with greylisting very well.

What do you mean ?

So basically, what can I do ? Or even try to do ?

You can look at /var/log/mail.log to see if it gives you any ideas, e.g. were there any delivery attempts that were rejected prior to the final delivery? Otherwise it would be hard to know without access to the sending server.

Thank you @JoshData !

Problem found, reproduced and solved:

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Thanks a bunch! It really helps not having to explain greylisting to people on the other end expecting you to receive mail immediately :smile: