Somehow was able to foward message accross mail servers

Hey there, I setup a MiaB instance with a secondary domain using Cloudflare DNS using all of the recommended rules and dns records. Somehow I was able to forward from an old email server and the MaiB instance didnt flag it as spam. Basically it was a forward from @ to @ (so same account to different mail servers (forwarded from a Cpanel mail) and the MaiB server still accepted it in the inbox? Should I worried if someone tries to send email as the user?

Do you have any old DNS records? If you just swapped to the new server within the last 48 hours please keep in mind that DNS can take up to 48 hours to completely update.

That said, If an old DKIM or SPF record is still in affect, that could be a cause.

It was about 36 hours ago that I tried it so I’ll give it another day and try again

This still seems to be the issue. Not sure if its actually correctly setup now.

EDIT: I don’t really have permission to share the domain name as its not owned by me, but if someone would be interested in diagnosing it I can DM it to you.

Feel free to DM me and we can discuss more.

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