Some Japanese characters not encoding correctly

Greetings. I have been testing out MIAB since early in this year. I finally persuaded my wife to use “our server” since the M$mail provider keeps having issues ever couple of months or so.

I moved over her .com mail address and its working fine, except…
My wife is Japanese and only certain mails from certain senders in Japanese are not displayed correctly. So called Baka Moji. Or stupid characters. There are several different encoding systems in Japanese and I am not sure which one is causing the problem here. I remember a few years ago I tried out qmailrocks and I had issues with mbstring but finally got it working. However qmail was too heavy, too big and too time consuming for my uses. I find MIAB perfect for a family plus SOHO server.

Do you have any suggestions or upgrades to ensure MIAB encodes Japanese correctly?

BNest regards.


Additionally I just found out its both ways. If I send a Japanese mail to a user on a Japanese cell phone the receiver gets bad characters frmo me. Does anyone have any expertise in this area?
Thanks in advance . Tee

Well perhaps someone will have the same problem as me .
I haven’t solved the problem, but I think I’ve isolated it at least.

I was trying to use the exchange emulation in MIAB to collect messages using Outlook 2016. I’ve identified that ISO 2002 JP encoded mails do not encode correctly in the exchange server emulation. When i changed the account to pop or IMAP the problem was solved and received mail showed the correct characters.

M$ exchange servers don’t have this problem, or if they do there is a potential fix it.

I hope this helps someone.

Cheers. T.