[Solved] What did I do wrong? (setting up 2nd domain)

Ok, I built a successful MAIB server and tested it fully to find it working well. However, when I tried to add a second email domain I have nothing but trouble. So, I must have done something wrong.

I will layout my example here and hopefully someone can tell me what is wrong. (the ip addresses and ulr’s are fictional just to be example of my problem)

All of the above worked properly when I created the admin@bkm-mail.com email address and started using / testing it. All additional email addresses added to the box on the original domain work perfectly. There is nothing hosted on the default text site bkm-email.com since the box is only an email server.

I have another domain called bkm-shop.com that I am using to operate an online point-of-sale application and it is on ip address and I want my original MAIB server to handle the email for bkm-shop.com

  • I have set the Nameservers for bkm-shop.com to:

  • I also have a storage server where I send compressed data backups of my point-of-sale located at ip address

  • Here is a representation of how I configured the DNS setting at the registrar:

  • You can see that I have pointed my main URL and my store URL (where the POS system lives) to

  • I have pointed my backup storage to

  • And i have set the mail for bkm-shop.com to go to box.erp-mail.com

At this point everything broke related to my bkm-shop.com locations.

When I log into the admin panel for box.bkm-email.com I see that I have all green check marks, but there are some unusual things that do not make sense.

  • Under the section for bkm-shop.com there is a line that says
    “Domain resolves to box IPaddress [bkm-shop.com - 123.4.321.5]”
    But that is incorrect. I set it to in my DNS settings.

  • Under the section for www.bkm-shop.com the same line exists:
    “Domain resolves to box IPaddress [www.bkm-shop.com - 123.4.321.5]”
    This is also incorrect by looking at my DNS settings.


  • What have I done wrong?
  • Why can’t I access my POS system any longer?
  • Do the nameservers not allow DNS pointers to work properly?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as I would like to get this to work.

Thanks for looking…


SOLVED thanks to some assistance from @alento

I see a few things … though they may just be typos:

Should be ns1.box.bkm-email.com & ns2.box.bkm-email.com.

I also see that the wrong MX record is listed – it lists box.erp-mail.com rather than box.bkm-email.com.

Are these the actual domain names? If not, PM them to me please.

Yup, that was a typo while creating this post but the actual settings in the system are correct.

Yup that one is a slip-up in my typing this post as well and now fixed.

Will PM in a min.


And herein lies the problem … which nameservers are you using? The registrars, or MiaB’s? Let me see the PM before you do anything on this though please.

As described above, I set the maneservers as detailed in the MAIB instructions to:


Ok, so nothing that you entered at the registrar will be shown in your admin area as all the data is on MiaB as far as it is concerned. Once I get your PM I can explain the options. :slight_smile:

PM sent. Let me know what you think.


Reading it now … gimme 5. :slight_smile:

OK, moved everything back to my registrars nameservers in order to get my store POS system working again.

Just need to know what to do to get this working with my store, backup, and email all working on separate physical servers.


I have set my nameservers back to the registrar and PMed you an updated question.

Any guidance appreciated.

Thanks for helping out here.


Ok, for the benefit of anyone reading this thread … the OP had updated the ‘custom DNS’ records with his domain registrar … but in fact, they needed to be updated within the admin area of MiaB. I have suggested to the OP (and he has agreed) that he should use his registrar’s DNS services for his shop’s domain … so he will need to copy the records from the ‘External DNS’ page of the MiaB admin area to his registrar’s DNS system.

Yup, I did that.

Now email seems to work on the second domain
if I use the box.bkm-email.com/mail to access the web based email client.

But what settings would I use now if I want to access the email from a different 3rd party client for the second domain (bkm-shop.com)?

Would they be the same as the bkm-mail.com settings?

My POS system has an emil client and I would like to enter the correct settings there for it to work with my MAIB server and 2nd domain.


Yes … with the exception of the login details, of course. The details are all shown on the Instructions page in the Admin area of MiaB.

Great thanks! That answers all of my questions.

BKM :sunglasses:

One last update…

Once everything was done with the nameservers, I had to go back and add all of the missing DNS records for SPF, DKIM, etc.

Don’t forget those if you try to follow this later.


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