[SOLVED] Webmail access for multiple domains


We have two domains. Is it possible to be able to access roundcube from both domains without unsupported modifications? Like mail.domain1.com/mail and mail.domain2.com/mail
We need this so that we don’t have to to tell the users of domain2 that there is domain1.
It is important to know that domain2 is hosted elsewhere. Also I tried to set up mail.domain2 as local on the advanced DNS tab but then I got certificate mismatch.

Thanks for your help in advance!

UPDATE: Solved by creating a domain alias for mail.domain2.com

Hmm, I had not thought of that. I usually create a user on the mail.domain.tld subdomain which sets everything up.

Generally though - if there are going to be unrelated domains on a MIaB I will usually host the MiaB itself on a neutral third domain.