[SOLVED] v0.24 .co.uk domain not working DNS problem

I have transferred my .co.uk domain from fasthosts.co.uk to gandi.net yesterday and added it to MIAB, e-mail is working, but web is not, I can not ping it and I have noticed in status page that this is missing for the co.uk domain:

Postmaster contact address exists as a mail alias. [postmaster@ukdomain.co.uk ↦ administrator@box.domain.com]

I have re-run the setup again, but no change there …

Error messages for ping and traceroute:
$ traceroute domain.uk
domain.co.uk: Name or service not known
Cannot handle “host” cmdline arg `domain.co.uk’ on position 1 (argc 1)

$ ping domain.co.uk
ping: unknown host domain.co.uk

Solved, all working now, it has taken over 72 hours for the DNS …

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