[SOLVED] Transfer from AWS running postfix-dovecot to MIAB on VPS

I have build my first mail server back in 2014 following series of articles from :

that is running on AWS (Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS).

It has only one domain with 3 users, and I would like to move it to MIAB running on another VPS as a new mail users on existing MIAB already running other domains …

What would be the best way to go about it without loosing all the e-mails please?

  • Config. the OLD server email accounts in a Thunderbird (Portable) as POP and download ALL emails hosted there you want to keep.
  • Config. the same domain accounts, already created in your MiaB server, in Thunderbird as IMAP.
    -> Then just copy at least each account ‘inbox’ & ‘send’ folders from the OLD server to the ‘inbox’ & ‘send’ folders of your MiaB sever… And the emails will be uploaded to your MiaB server, accordingly.
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