[Solved] Setting Up Discourse & Mail-in-a-Box

So I started a new droplet and installed discourse.

I wanted to set up the same domain to receive email on my separate MIAB server.

Any ideas what changes I need to make?

Currently, my DNS servers on Gandi are:


And then I added my domain in Digital Ocean DNS as discourse.domain.com with the following records:

A discourse.domain.com xxx.xxx.xx.xx
NS ns1.digitalocean.com
NS ns2.digitalocean.com
NS ns3.digitalocean.com

How do I got forward?

Should I create an additional DNS record in DO pointing my pain domain to my MIAB IP?

I found out what I needed to do.

I just created another A record in DO DNS and pointed the domain.com to mail server. There I created an alias and all worked.