[solved] Registar doesn't allow non-responsive nameserver

I changed my domain registar. The nameservers attached to my domain are now set to the registar’s. However, if I change the nameservers back to my box’s, the registar’s website shows an error that the nameservers are not responding.

So I decided to setup external DNS (at least for now), but when I go to my VPS’ ip I get redirected to the domain, which of course doesn’t work.

So I wonder how to set up a box if a registar doesn’t allow non-responding nameservers to be set.

What registrar are you using? If godaddy you need to create new hostsnames in the DNS Control panel (Not the same as A or cnames!)

I’m using a Dutch registar called Vimexx.

It does allow you to set nameservers, but only responding ones.

MIAB is a nameserver - and it should respond. Can you screenshot hostnames you have setup at the registrar (glue records)

I found the problem now… I didn’t set the glue records, because my registar’s interface doesn’t allow it (I thought I was setting glue records). I asked them to set the glue records manually, they did. Then I could set the nameservers. Very weird registar for not supporting glue records, but I am glad the issue is resolved!

Thank you @murgero!

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