[solved] Outlook for Mac does not ActiveSync

Just a note to people that want Calendar and contacts to sync within their email program (which is what I through everyone wanted within an email program, but apparently it’s not all that common across devices or email clients)…

MAIB (and most stuff using CalDav CardDav Z-push ActiveSync or any derivitive of the term Exchange, Sync, EAS, EWS, etc:

  1. works in Microsoft Outlook 2016 on a PC (gets glitchy over 1000 messages in one mailbox).
    2 DOES NOT work in microsoft OUTLOOK 2016 for Mac - NOR any earlier Version of Outlook for MAC.
  2. you can use El Capitan (iMail, or whatever it’s called) to sync cal, contacts and email.
  3. the ideal way to use MIAB in outlook on PC (only) is to imap messages and use caldav carddav sync if you can find a good plugin.

Mozilla just announced they are abandoning Thunderbird.