[SOLVED] I can receive mail but not send

I create a mail-in-a-box recently and I have this issue:
I can receive mail with some delay, some minutes (from other external emails)
But I cant send any mail, appears like he send, but the other mail never recipes.

I was searching in this forum but nothing looks like my problem.

Thanks for ur attention!

Have you checked the mail queue?

postqueue -p
is it empty?

Yes I checked and it is empty.

Investigating from the forum, I found one interesting.
Seens the MIAB will find first his domains (inclusive if doesn’t work) and send emails to this domains.
I’m migrating all my domains to this so I created all domains in my MIAB. Thats why don’t work send emails.

My solution was deleting the domains and emails work again.

Now I have to create domains and configure 1 by 1.

Thanks for attention!

Glad it’s all resolved

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