[SOLVED] How to edit / anonymize the default Miab Mail Server Greeting?

I already know that customizations are not welcome by @joshdata but I really need to hide all information about the nature of our mail MiaB servers that is being given for FREE and no getting back any profit like the default Mail Server Greeting that currently prays:

The mail server greeting is ‘box.mydomain,xyz ESMTP Hi, I’m a Mail-in-a-Box (Ubuntu/Postfix; see https://mailinabox.email/)’.


Perhaps, someone already knows where (what file) this ‘Mail Server Greeting’ is and can help me with. Really needing to edit it but can’t see where it is :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Got it… thanks! Solved by customizing the file /etc/postfix/main.cf line 10

  • I know this will be overwritten at every update/ upgrade but that’s an acceptable quick tweak at our end. Hope this helps others!

Thank you for sharing. Sorry I did not see this earlier; I just now read this post because actually wanted to do this a while back and found it too — but I wanted to share how I found it, via a text search using this command below (this may help others looking for other stuff)

root@mybox:~# grep -rnw / -e “Hi, I’m a”

/etc/postfix/main.cf:10:smtpd_banner=$myhostname ESMTP Hi, I’m a Mail-in-a-Box (Ubuntu/Postfix; see https://mailinabox.email/)

Making this customizable would be really cool… :slight_smile:

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