[Solved] How does the SMTP url look like

I cant figure out, how the SMTP url should look like. I tried:


But that doesnt work. Is that even possible?!

If I use smtp://$my_emailaddress:$my_password@box.domain.com then I get the error:

SASL authentification failed

(In case you are wondering. I want to use Mutt)

Edit: Okay sorry my bad. The $my_passwrord “import” didn’t work. With a plain password it works…

Neverneeded but this URL (Spanish) may help you: http://www.atareao.es/ubuntu/mutt-un-cliente-de-correo-en-el-terminal/

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smtp URLs aren’t a general thing. You would need to compare mutt’s documentation to our mail client configuration requirements. You should be looking for something in mutt’s documentation that mentions STARTTLS though.

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It looks like this is the right way:


with this setting:

set ssl_starttls = yes

At least it works this way :thumbsup: