[solved] How can I remove extraneous domains/zones?

Firstly, thanks for building such an easy-to-use tool for those of us wanting to make a break from the likes of Gmail. Much appreciated.

When set up the box I somehow managed to set up both mydomain.com and box.mydomain.com but I can’t remember how. Not realising at the time that a mail server doesn’t necessarily have to exactly match the domain of your email address.

I’m keen to remove the mydomain.com zone from the server and can see references to it in /etc/nsd but don’t know enough to start monkeying around in there.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to remove that zone and tidy things up?

The box manages the domains that are either:

  • the machine hostname that you set during setup (re-run the setup to change it)
  • the domain names in the users and aliases that you add in the control panel (remove all users/aliases @ a domain if you don’t want the box to manage that domain)

Thanks Josh,
So am I right in understanding that if I want me@mydomain.com and I set up a mailinabox server named box.mydomain.com that the server will need to look after both box.mydomain.com and mydomain.com? Does this mean that if I want to host a website on mydomain.com and www.mydomain.com that I’ll have to run it on my mail server or can I safely point those A records to another server?

You can use the Custom DNS to set an A record so your web server is on another machine.

Awesome. Thanks guys. Exactly what I needed.

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