[SOLVED] Help with multiple domains


I am seeking to host all of my domains that I want to use email for to be hosted on one vps. I have pretty much everything showing up in the self check tool as perfect (waiting on a few dns settings to finish propogating).

The issue I am now running into is setting up my second domain. Per the instructions, I need to set the second domains’ nameservers to the first one. This is where I am having problems. I use godaddy and it has a fit when I try to add ns1.mx.andrewschott.com (and ns2) to be the two ns’s for alexschott.com.

Not being a DNS god, is there something I am perhaps missing?

Thanks alot,

Perhaps this image will help:

I’m going to take a guess that godaddy calls your nameservers unregistered because their system doesn’t know about them. With other registrars, I’ve simply opened a support ticket to have my nameservers added and then I could set them okay. It may have let you input them on the domain that matches your box because it’s all within one domain. But on the second domain, it isn’t letting you because the godaddy system doesn’t have those NS in its system.

Thanks, Ill give GD a call this week and confirm.

Well, apparently I just didnt wait long enough. Their system said 2 days max, I gave em 3, after 5 when I had time to futz with the settings, it allowed me to enter it.

So, it appears that if someone uses GoDaddy, to give it a few more days when dealing with nameservers to be recognized.

Thanks again for the help, as I was really starting to feel moronic. I have made some bonehead maneuvers by accident, and was curious if this was one of them.

Take care!

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