[Solved] ELI5: Pointing mydomain.com to external ip

Hi! I’m a bit lost with MiaB DNS config, I’ve moved over from Cyberpanel for reasons.

I have installed MiaB on VPS, lets say ip
I have a website which responds on

My Domain Name Provider glue is set to ns1.box.mydomain.com/ns2.box.mydomain.com

I have set A records for [www].mydomain.com and [blank].mydomain.com to point to

In a web browser, if I go to [www].mydomain.com, I get the website at (nice)

However if I go to mydomain.com I get the website at " this is a mail-in-a-box"

I don’t need MiaB to serve a webpage, does a fine job (it has certificates and runs a webserver fine).

Can someone ELI5 how to get MiaB to direct webtraffic to on https:mydomain.com?

Should an A record be all thats necessary?

Thanks in advance, I’m sorry if this is common but when I searched I couldn’t find what I’m looking for or my monkey brain doesn’t understand the answers.

Yes an A record for mydomain.com is all you need and should definitely work. But it may take some time until it is propagated. If it still doesn’t work after an hour or so, you could try to manually clear the DNS cache of your operating system, browser etc…

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You need to set the A/AAAA records for your external (to the MiaB server) web site on the “Custom DNS” page in the admin area.

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Not only was that super quick, but super helpful too. Being able to eliminate the DNS records, I cleared caches (etc) and found my pi-hole was super helpfully caching the wrong IP. Many thanks :smiley:

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