[SOLVED] Directory and File Permissions & Ownership [PLEASE HELP]

What are the proper owner and permissions for files and directories on the MIAB machine? I royally screwed everything up with a typo. a -Recursive type. FML. PLEASE HELP!!!

Does anyone know the command to run (and from which directories to run it). Right now, everything on my machine is owned by root root and permissions are 600. Mail works, kind of… owncloud can’t right to config and so it doesn’t work.

@JoshData PLEASE HELP!!!



If you messed up perms/ownership on the whole box (i.e. you did chown/chmod -r ... /), then you need to start over. Your box is toast. See https://mailinabox.email/maintenance.html#moving-boxes, to the extent your box can even do that anymore.

If you messed up permissions only in /home/user-data, you can run mailinabox again and see if that fixes it. If not, you need to start over, see above.

As noted elsewhere, I don’t provide general system administration help if you start meddling with the box, so if any of this advice doesn’t work, my only advice is you broke the box and you have to start over.