[Solved] Custom DNS with mailinabox

Hello, I am trying to deploy mailinabox on a OVH server with ubuntu 14.04. I tried to create a glue record/dns record using this gist on github: https://gist.github.com/badsyntax/232f39abc76f03d05209dfaa9b7d2ce1

So, I set it to this:
Personal DNS server: ns1.domain.com, ns2.domain.com
Custom DNS nameserver: ns1.domain.com, ns2.domain.com

But now, after that is done, namecheap has deleted my A records (so i can’t resolve my website) and mentions that the host records are now to be maintained at the hosting provider’s side.

Is there a way that I can re host my A records so i can point to various websites and subdomains?

i think what you are looking for is in the admin panel of your mailinabox instance.
go to box.yourDomain.com/admin -> hover over “System” -> click on "Custom DNS"
there you can set any records for all your domains connected to your miab :slight_smile:

Ooh, I should have looked harder, thank you pxl!!

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